About Us

Tedford Housing, formerly Tedford Shelter, was founded by the Brunswick Area Interfaith Council (BAIC) to provide emergency shelter for the area’s homeless adults in 1987. The organization was named for the individual who donated the building that housed the original shelter at 10 Pleasant Street in Brunswick, Maine.

Over the years, Tedford and its many community partners have risen to the challenges that face our homeless neighbors, opening a family shelter on Federal Street in 2000 and offering homeless prevention services to those individuals and families at-risk of becoming homeless in the early 2000s. We began to serve homeless students in the three school districts serving Brunswick, Bath, Topsham and surrounding communities through the Merrymeeting Project in 2008 and added 37 units of supportive housing for previously homeless individuals and families between 2005 and 2011.

At the core of all of Tedford Housing’s programs and services is case management, ensuring every client we serve has access to all of the health, human and community services needed to address the challenges that created their housing emergency. Today, Tedford Housing finds itself serving more people in the community on an outreach basis than it does in its facilities. We have become a resource center for our homeless and at-risk neighbors, much more than a shelter with emergency beds.