• From homeless…

    From Homeless …
  • To home.

    To Home.

Our Mission

To empower people to move from homelessness to home.

Who We Are

Tedford Housing is a nonprofit organization based in Brunswick, Maine with a central belief that everyone deserves to have a safe and affordable home.

What We Do

We provide emergency homeless shelter, supportive housing for previously homeless families and individuals as well as homeless prevention services.

How To Help

Partner with us to create pathways from homelessness to home through volunteering and giving.

Giving Voice: How community connections are making a direct impact on those experiencing homelessness

Adult shelter renovations improve the lives of Tedford Housing guests, thanks to strong community connections.
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Giving Voice: Homeless During COVID-19

Those experiencing homelessness need community support now more than ever.
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Giving Voice: Introduction from me to you

An introduction from Blaine Flanders, Tedford Housing's new Community & Donor Relations Coordinator.
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