Upstanders in our mix

The following article was published in The Times Record on 10/12/18 and written by Joanne Rosenthal, former board member and current Tedford Housing volunteer, social worker & activist An upstander is a person “who speaks or acts in support of an individual or cause…who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right….being socially responsible.” […]

Going back to school when you are in need

The following article was published in The Times Record on 9/14/18. Funny commercials and in-store displays seem to promote back to school sales earlier and earlier each year. While the deals may be great, the families that Tedford Housing serves aren’t always able to participate in the annual rush to fulfill their children’s school supplies […]

When Bowdoin Students Cross the Endowment Line

The following article was published in The Times Record on 8/10/18 and was written by Annie Rose, the Maine Community Fellow at Tedford Housing during the summer of 2018. She is a junior at Bowdoin College. Right here in Brunswick sits an institution with an extraordinarily vast abundance of resources and seemingly endless amount of funding, that which […]

A Day in the Life at Tedford Housing

The following article was published in The Times Record on 7/13/18 If you ask people in the Brunswick community about what Tedford does, many respond that we provide a shelter for people that are homeless. In fact, many people still call our organization Tedford Shelter, referring to our adult shelter on Cumberland Street. (We changed […]