Our Vision

The future of Tedford Housing.
An integrated and expanded approach.

To meet the growing needs in our community, Tedford Housing’s current plans are to build a facility that combines adequate shelter beds with key onsite community resources. A comprehensive approach will result in the reduced risk of homelessness in the Brunswick area community, a faster return to housing stability for youth, adults and families, healthier households and increased self-sufficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tedford Housing Resource Center

What is Tedford Housing’s mission and purpose?

Creating pathways from homelessness to home by partnering with people and their communities in Midcoast Maine.

We provide emergency shelter, supportive housing and homeless prevention services that empower adults, children and families in need. Through all its services, Tedford Housing provides pathways from homelessness to home in Midcoast Maine.

Tedford Housing has been in the news quite a bit. What’s going on with this project?

While Tedford Housing was in the process of purchasing land for the Tedford Housing Resource Center, it was found that the town of Brunswick did not include a definition of shelter housing in the recently drafted Brunswick Zoning Ordinance. As a result, the Brunswick Town Council, in conjunction with community stakeholders and the Planning Board, has created a task force that will guide the process of defining what a “homeless shelter” is and where one can be located in town. Though we are temporarily unable to move forward with our plans to consolidate our two emergency shelters and administrative offices in the location we had originally planned, we remain committed to serving our neighbors who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Who will utilize this new Tedford facility?

In fiscal year 2017, Tedford Housing sheltered 85 single adults and 17 families with 66 family members in its emergency shelters and helped 450 people with homeless prevention services. Yet Tedford can only provide emergency shelter to approximately 20% of those who request help. The plan is to increase beds for single adults from 16 to 30 and to increase family capacity from 6 to 12 units.

What is Tedford’s vision for this project?

The Tedford Housing Resource Center will advance the mission and vision of Tedford Housing and its community partners by creating pathways to permanent and sustainable housing, personal health, family stability and self-sufficiency through shelter, education, training and employment. We see the Center as not just a building with beds, but as a resource center with flexible spaces for community resources to serve guests on site.

How did Tedford determine this project is needed in the community?

Tedford Housing engaged Planning Decisions of Portland to study the state of homelessness in the region and to develop recommendations for Tedford and its many partners and stakeholders. The Tedford board of directors visited similar facilities in Waterville, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire and conducted a search of national literature on service and facility models. The project was based upon these extensive dual efforts of research over the past three years. Read the executive summary of the Planning Decisions report Southern Midcoast: Implications for Shelter Capacity and Services.

Where will Brunswick house this emergency shelter and resource center?

After several months of searching all viable options in the town of Brunswick, the Tedford Housing board of directors approved a purchase and sales agreement for a property in Brunswick located at 62 Pleasant Hill Road on the corner of Baribeau Drive. Due to the temporary moratorium on emergency shelters set by the town of Brunswick, this site is currently on hold.

Why did you choose to build outside of downtown Brunswick?

A lot of time and effort went into finding the most appropriate and affordable site on which to build the Tedford Housing Resource Center. While our first choice was to be in downtown Brunswick, we found our options limited and the cost prohibitive. The currently proposed location is just 0.3 miles from our community partner, Oasis Free Clinics, and 1.7 miles from The Gathering Place and Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. The location will also give us more room to grow our programming and resources for families and adults.

How will Tedford Housing address transportation for shelter guests and clients?

Tedford is committed to ensuring that services at Tedford Housing Resource Center are accessible to the community, and that the diverse array of services in the Brunswick community are within easy reach of those residing at the Center. With the currently proposed site, the Tedford Housing Resource Center would be within comfortable walking distance of Oasis Free Clinics and clinical programs provided at 66 Baribeau Drive. Programs and services such as The Gathering Place, Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program and Curtis Memorial Library, along with stores such as Hannaford and Walmart, are easily accessible via the Brunswick Explorer bus route.

What will the new building look like?

The newly constructed Tedford Housing Resource Center is being designed to complement its surroundings and the fabric of the Brunswick community.

If we build a bigger shelter and housing resource center, will more people come to Brunswick to utilize these services?

The majority of adults and families in our shelters come from the Brunswick / Topsham / Bath, area with the remainder coming from surrounding towns. A small percentage come from outside of Maine. The larger space is to accommodate the unmet need in our community.

How are the adult and family shelters being combined?

Consolidating our two emergency housing buildings and administration office into one facility provides the best model to help adults and families along their pathway from homeless to home and is based on local and national researched models. While the current plan is for our two shelters to be moved to the new site, they will remain separate spaces. Our single adults and families will be housed in separate sections, each with restricted access and on-site staff presence 24 hours a day. The Tedford Housing Resource Center will continue to maintain an alcohol and drug free facility and will not serve persons listed on the Maine Sex Offender Registry no matter the location.

How will Tedford Housing involve the community in this bold project?

Tedford Housing is engaging with community stakeholders in order to have an end product which the community will embrace and support for many years to come. If you would like to be involved, contact Craig Phillips, Tedford’s executive director, at 207-729-1161, #102 or email.

How can I keep up with work being done by the shelter task force?

The Shelter Task Force, comprised of three Brunswick town council members, typically meets every Wednesday at 4:00pm at the town hall located at 85 Union Street. These meetings are open to the public. You can find more info on the task force’s work at www.brunswickme.org/shelter-task-force.

Is there a cost to taxpayers?

No. This project is supported by private individuals and organizations.

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