Warm Thy Neighbor Heating Assistance Program Launches Campaign

BrunswickWarm Thy Neighbor is an emergency heating assistance fund serving the greater Brunswick area and is managed by Tedford Housing of Brunswick. The 2012-2013 heating season is well under way, to date, having served 69 households including families with small children, elderly individuals, and disabled adults. More than 50 percent of the households are homeowners.

Some 165 households were served from mid-December through April 2012, consisting of 450 people. Over 100 of the families were seeking help for the first time. This was only slightly less than the prior year when 193 households were helped, consisting of 382 individuals. Through enabling people stay in their homes, Warm Thy Neighbor is a simple and cost effective way to fulfill Tedford Housing’s primary mission- the prevention of homelessness.

Warm Thy Neighbor is 100% funded by donations from individuals, churches, and community groups from the Brunswick area. Please consider making a donation to Warm Thy Neighbor, c/o Tedford Housing, P.O. Box 958, Brunswick, Maine.

Tedford Housing recently honored the founder of Warm Thy Neighbor, Sallie Smith of Freeport with the Tedford Home Award for Partners in Ending Homelessness. Sallie is a shining example of neighbors helping neighbors. Our communities are grateful for the single handed effort she has made to establish and nurture Warm Thy Neighbor. Tedford Housing is striving to maintain the service in the spirit which she created.

The reasons why Sallie was moved to begin Warm Thy Neighbor are very compelling. Fuel prices are unpredictable, winter weather in Maine is harsh, many people are out of work or not earning enough to make ends meet. One person who received fuel wrote “Our home and hearts were truly warmed with your kind assistance”.

For more information please call Tedford at 729-1161